Category: Taxation and Effective Tax Planning

Taxation and Effective Tax Planning

Taxation and Effective Tax Planning

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With the ever-changing tax rules, it is important to always be kept abreast of update and highlight on the main changes to the existing tax legislations, not to mention the latest tax developments including Public Rulings. Other than keeping abreast with the latest tax developments, this tax planning and advisory course is aimed at assisting you in realising and identifying potential tax incentives or savings. This course is a combination of 3courses rolled in one.

Transfer Pricing: Post Implementation Issues, Prospects and Challenges

Course Objectives

Participants should be able to:

  • Understand the concept of Transfer Pricing Regulations
  • Learn Advance Pricing Agreements and Procedures
  • Comprehend Transfer Pricing Mediation and Arbitration Processes
  • Understand Domestics remedies to dispute
  • Resolving Transfer Pricing Dispute

Course Content

  • Transfer Pricing Concept
  • Transfer Pricing Strategies
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation for Tax Purposes
  • Transfer Pricing Regulation-key Terms
  • Disputes Resolution
  • Implementation Challenges in Nigeria
  • Comparative Studies of practice of Transfer Pricing around the globe
  • Effect of NOTAP Regulation on Transfer Pricing
  • Case study of India, South Africa and UK.

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