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Banking Back Office Management

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The role of a settlements/operations department is to efficiently settle all trades initiated by the front office departments. An efficient operations department can save an institution that it serves a lot of time and money by recognising other incidents or indications that may lead to one of these more costly events. Dealers, once they have completed a trade, have little (if any) interest or knowledge of what happens next. In the past, cocky traders would complain that they made all the money, and then back office lost it. This has now changed radically. The likelihood of back office personnel now being primarily responsible for major errors is small; however, failures at the human level in recognising fairly obvious “suspicious” circumstances surrounding a trade continue to be numerous.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will understand:

  • A complete Systematic Control and Management Program suitable for all environments
  • Build the correct structure for effective Front, Middle and Back Office Operations optimizing the use of STP and achieving settlement efficiency
  • Create a pre-emptive control strategy and reduce your risks, costs and errors
  • Develop a generic, evolutionary approach for the processing of all products
  • Improve the efficiency of your control, processing, settlement and reporting activities
  • Learn how to use a responsible management philosophy and practice which will create the environment for unequalled success
  • Gain the knowledge to make your back office a key revenue earner by enhancing cash management and controlling non-earning assets
  • Develop those essential management skills which will enable you to motivate your staff to superior performance

Course Outline

  • Quality Performance and Productivity
  • Organisation and Reporting Line
  • Procedures
  • The role of the middle office
  • The back office as revenue earner
  • Processing
  • Staff Management
  • The BIS/BASEL Accord as it relates to Operational Risk
  • The use of Limits as a Control Mechanism
  • Management Information

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Our faculty members are experts within their fields, and are supported by a network of dynamic back-office staff. We actively encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, recognizing that winning ideas come from collaborative thinking. With the wealth of knowledge within our teams and our collaborative ethos, we create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning for all our delegates.

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