Category: Impressive Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Impressive Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Impressive Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

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This course is ideal for anyone needing to make face to face presentations to a team, group, board or larger audience of any size. It will provide powerful learning to anyone delivering a sales presentation, a conference session or a training presentation. Anyone lacking the skills or confidence to do a great job, create a positive impression or be remembered and recognised for an outstanding performance should attend this course. Public speaking should be an opportunity to influence, persuade, inform and entertain. This course will provide new skills, approaches and techniques, resulting in confidence and yes, even enjoyment! The course will be fun, challenging and fully interactive and supported by presentations, demonstrations, interactive discussions, debate, group work and individual tasks. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice in a safe environment, but don’t worry, you won’t be forced to perform or made to feel uncomfortable at any time. This is about great learning with like minded professionals in a fun environment!


Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Apply models and approaches for effective preparation
  • Use new methods to deal with nerves, stress and tension
  • Learn the fundamental do’s and don’ts of making great presentations
  • Build an ability to use humor and communication skills to capture and retain the audience
  • Learn the AIDA model and its applications
  • Use the voice well and avoid affectations and distractions
  • Learn how to tell a story, structure and signpost
  • Engage the audience and bridge the gap between speaker and audience
  • learn and apply methods to deal positively with questions and interruptions
  • Learn how to make PowerPoint work well for you and the audience
  • Learn practical techniques to produce memorable presentations

Course Outline

  • Crucial preparations
  • Objectives, structure, direction, focus
  • Relevance, topicality, examples, synergies
  • Creating excellent first impressions
  • Powerpoint – the master or the slave?
  • Images versus text versus diagrams and charts?
  • Building rapport and being in rapport
  • What are the audience thinking and what do they want?
  • Positioning and using agendas
  • The values of using summary skills
  • How to grab and hold attention
  • Having fun while getting the job done
  • Practice makes perfect – perfect practice techniques
  • Golden rules – the do’s and don’t’s of great presenting

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