Category: Key Management and Leadership models brought to life for practicing Managers

Key Management and Leadership models brought to life for practicing Managers, Directors and Leaders

Key Management and Leadership models brought to life for practicing Managers, Directors and Leaders

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This course will provide managers and leaders with an introduction and exploration into as many as twenty-six established, accepted and proven management and leadership theories and models. The course will bring these theories and models to life and place them in the context of current commercial and non-commercial environments. Delegates will be encouraged to discuss and debate real case studies where each model would be / will be relevant and useful. Pragmatism and topicality is they key for this course rather than dry delivery of abstract and “out of reach” theories and models. Ultimately, the course will provide a personalized and contextualized reference library, populated with “user notes” and enriched by the sharing of real experience of the delegates and the significant experience of the course facilitator.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand each theory or model enough to assess its suitability for application in a specific situation or opportunity
  • Reference any of the stated theories or models in academic journals to facilitate further study and understanding
  • Understand the required inputs, outputs, implications and potential outcomes associated with the application of any of the stated theories or models
  • Understand and negate the potential dangers, thus dealing with the “a little knowledge can be dangerous” concept.
  • Think more strategically, behave more strategically and achieve much more
  • Become highly effective as a manager or leader of businesses and people
  • Become a role model and point of reference for other managers and leaders.

Course Outline

  • Exploration of a range of strategic theories and models
  • Exploration of a range of thinking theories and models
  • An introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • A walk through effectiveness and productivity models
  • Management & Leadership behaviours, theories and models
  • Communication and conflict theories and models
  • Building highly effective teams – Belbin & Tuckman and more..
  • Cultural and change management theories and models

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