Investment Management Skill for Insurance Fund Managers

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Lagos, Nigeria 27 July 2020 3 days ₦189,000 Click here
Lagos, Nigeria 28 September 2020 3 days ₦189,000 Click here

Managing the peculiarity of insurance fund and the contracts of insurance require an insurance fund manager to be skillful in maximizing returns on investment. At the end of this program, participants will have an overview of the financial market and its instruments. Also, you will gain knowledge of classes of instruments and the participants in the market, thereby developing the skill to make informed decision in terms of what instrument to invest in, in what proportion and at what time. You will also gain knowledge of how your motive determines how you play in the market and consequently, the result you get.

Course Objective

  • Maximizing returns on investments
  • The financial market and its instruments
  • How to detect what instruments to invest in

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Financial Service Industry
  • Establishing the need for effective investment management skill in the Insurance industry
  • Scanning the economic environment
  • Highlighting opportunities
  • Highlighting the threats
  • The Financial Market
    • Primary market
    • Secondary market
    • Financial assets traded in financial market
    • Money market instrument
    • Capital market instrument
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Classification of Financial market instruments
    • Investment instrument
    • Contract for differences
  • Classification of participants in the financial market
    • Understanding role, investment horizon and motives
  • Risks associated with financial assets
  • Uses of Financial Derivatives

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