Measuring and Managing Marketing Performance

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Marketing managers have never been subjected to the rigours of certain business interrogation like they are in recent time. The challenge for marketing has moved beyond building a strong brand to showing how the brand equity is helps in achieving business objectives. Marketers today, have to answer several questions along the way; questions relating to how the media campaign is helping the bottom line etc.

The challenge today is to have a set of metrics that shows the link between marketing programmes and business performance. Marketers need to avoid the pitfall of measuring what is not relevant. This course will look at how metrics can be developed and used in measuring marketing performance while showing the relationship to business performance as well.

 Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates:

  • Will be exposed to marketing metrics with a dedicated emphasis on choosing the right metrics.
  • Will learn the skills on how to justify their contribution in the business and their marketing programmes, using tangible and measurable indices.

Course Outline

  • In-depth look at SMART Objectives setting
  • Measuring the right things
  • Determining Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for marketing programme.
  • Measuring Return on Marketing Investments on marketing activities
  • Marketing Metrics system design and implementation
  • Building a measurement link between marketing objectives and business objects.
  • Performance measurement frameworks – Balanced Scorecard
  • Documenting and reporting marketing value to the business.

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