Category: Advanced Communication Skills for Managers and Leaders

Advanced Communication Skills for Managers and Leaders

Advanced Communication Skills for Managers and Leaders

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London, United Kingdom 17 February 2020 1 week £7,000 Click here

This course is perfect for managers and leaders who need to ensure that their communication style, tone, approach and impact is well considered and positive, resulting in the desired impact and outcomes. The easiest approach to communication is to revert to a default style without any conscious thoughts about impact. A harder but significantly more rewarding approach is to think before communicating and to apply relevant skills. This course will provide knowledge, understanding, skill and application of a range of communication techniques designed to deliver optimum outputs from the right inputs. Understanding the impacts of verbal and written communication and changing the use of language, tone and style will deliver hugely positive results and greater achievements for all participants. This is a very enlightening course with life changing takeaways.

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Know, understand and apply a fully rounded approach to emotional intelligence
  • Understand the range of transactional analysis ego types and change the communication landscape
  • Apply a range of influencing skills and techniques for win / win solutions
  • Develop pro-active conversational and listening skills as the foundation of advance communication
  • Create outstanding first impressions, rapport building and empathy versus sympathy
  • Understand, recognise and react to a range of language psychologies
  • Recognise a range of personality types and convincer patterns and
    know how to work with these for positive outcomes
  • Understand and recognise where people are in the conversational
    pyramid and the hierarchy of personal needs.
  • Know how to recognise and react with positivity


  • The power of emotional intelligence
  • Exploring transactional analysis
  • Learning where we all are in the OK Corale
  • The relevance of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Developing pro-active listening and conversational skills
  • First impressions, building rapport, empathy versus sympathy
  • VAKOG language psychology principals
  • Win / Win influencing skills for positive outcomes
  • Positioning is everything and gives us everything

Our mission is the development of potentials in individuals and organizations in emerging economies. We believe that economies develop when entities within it are performing to their highest potential.


People matter to us. We are committed to understanding our clients so that we can serve them better. Our ultimate goal is to foster mutually beneficial longterm relationships with each of our clients that is built on trust.


Our faculty members are experts within their fields, and are supported by a network of dynamic back-office staff. We actively encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, recognizing that winning ideas come from collaborative thinking. With the wealth of knowledge within our teams and our collaborative ethos, we create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning for all our delegates.

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