Working Together and Thriving in the New Normal

Working Together and Thriving in the New Normal

What a year 2020 has been!

We all seem to be well versed with the changes 2020 brought with it, as well as terms such as, social distancing, wearing of face mask, elbow shake, living at work as compared to working from home etc. All of these and many more, constituting the “New Normal”.

We all cannot ignore these changes we have seen all through 2020. At this time, more than ever before, there has never been a stronger need to upskill your members of staff, especially as we enter the stabilisation and recovery phases of the crisis. As the new normal takes shape, the labour market needs to become more agile and resilient to future shocks. One of the ways our client organisation can do this, is by ensuring that members of staff are well equipped and trained, so that they remain equipped and prepared because the face of business as we know it has most definitely changed.

Here at RCI, we are fully immersed in our vision and objective for 2021, which is Working Together and Thriving in the New Normal. The result we hope to achieve from this is to build, in collaboration with you our client, a platform to foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration globally despite all the restrictions the “new normal” is imposing on the world of business.

Like you, we recognise that the greatest asset in any organisation, are the people who represent and interpret the value you have to add to the world at large through your products and services. The investment in your people is therefore without fail, of immense value to you. In creating a sustainable business, through the tool of capacity building, our objective has to be well aligned as to whether training is a reward or a business need. In this new normal, most agree that upskilling your staff members have moved beyond being seen as a privilege but a necessity for business sustainability.

All of our courses in this 2021 brochure have been revamped to reflect our new normal. Please take the time required to look through and map these courses to your training needs.

We look Forward to engaging with you.