Why Embrace Virtual Training?

Why Embrace Virtual Training?

Remote working is most definitely the new normal for the majority of organisations all around the world, but can your current workforce support your operation through this transformation?

Why you should embrace virtual training at this time:
Upskill your team for the high-skill tasks and mentally demanding roles that would be critical to support the regrowth of halted operations, post COVID 19

How RCI delivers our Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)?
By leveraging interactive and collaborative technologies and educational technologies (EdTech) like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, discussion platforms, and conferencing software,

Benefit to your business, stakeholders and team:
o Taking this approach can ensure that staff members remain reassured, engaged, energized and, crucially, reskilled and upskilled, ready to take on newly formed roles once they’re back in the workplace.
o Retrained workers can then return to the working world when the pandemic is over with improved ability to support the business in the next stage of its transformation journey.
o By learning through VILT, employees from different offices, cities, countries and even continents can now learn together, in a virtual space. Consistency and scalability can be achieved, reaching an entire workforce and ensuring L&D is equally available to all, regardless of location.
o This isn’t just about helping the organization navigate uncertainty; it’s about providing a sense of self-fulfilment to remote workers that their continued development is valued by the organization.

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