Category: Effective Tender and Bid Strategies

Effective Tender and Bid Strategies

Effective Tender and Bid Strategies

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The majority of businesses and organisations have a desire to improve their win-rate, or sometimes they simply do not sufficiently understand the tender process, or procedure. All of them conclude an engagement with an improved understanding of the tendering process and procedure, an appreciation of how to write a winning response that stands out from their competitors, and a valuable asset – specifically, a persuasive and compelling response to a tender that provides a best practice reference for future opportunities.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will learn:

  • Effectively facilitating a bid strategy development workshop.
  • Converting insights into meaningful intelligence, and using that intelligence to formulate sharp, well-informed, competitively superior bid strategies.
  • Documenting a bid strategy in a comprehensive, meaningful way to guide a bid team in the production of the proposal documentation.

Course Outline


  • A bid to succeed
  • Deciding whether or not to bid
  • Managing the bid
  • Bidding in partnership
  • Thinking the work through
  • Developing and writing the bid
  • Explaining approach and method
  • Focusing on contract management
  • Stating your price
  • Understanding how tenders are evaluated
  • Presentations to clients

Our mission is the development of potentials in individuals and organizations in emerging economies. We believe that economies develop when entities within it are performing to their highest potential.


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Our faculty members are experts within their fields, and are supported by a network of dynamic back-office staff. We actively encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, recognizing that winning ideas come from collaborative thinking. With the wealth of knowledge within our teams and our collaborative ethos, we create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning for all our delegates.

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